Cynthia Jouffre – Choreographer

Cynthia Jouffre Choreographer Compagnie Vega         Nourished by various experiences as a dancer, teacher, and choreographer, Cynthia Jouffre has developed over the years a dance where emotion and strong energy take precedence. With this choreographer, the dance takes shape while passion.

       Instinct and beauty of movement, sincerity, and transmission of emotions are essential for her.

       Curious about everything, Cynthia Jouffre trained in various dance techniques at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Center, at the Dance Space in New York, with Larrio Ekson in France.

       Multidisciplinary by training, after having approached the greatest, she developed her choreographic writing.

       After having worked for ten years with the company Pourquoi pas, she founded in 2007 the choreographic company “Véga”. His repertoire is rich with ten creations.

Eve Bernard – Dancer

Eve Bernard - Dancer        From an early age, Eve follows a classical dance training with her aunt, dance teacher, then at the National Conservatory of Mulhouse following in parallel classes of teachers of great renown (classical and contemporary).

       Passionate, as a teenager she joined a pre-vocational training section in Colmar and, at the same time, attended the Ballet du Rhin de Mulhouse classes.

       Curious about everything, with a strong desire to increase her dance knowledge, she discovers jazz dance at the Cynthia Jouffre Center and will have many scenic experiences with the company Pourquoi pas – young ballet from 2005.

       She joined the Véga company from its creation.

Dancer        Coming from a family of artists, he began musical training and training in classical dance from a very young age. Fascinated by dance, he decided to join the Hamburg ballet dance school directed by John Neumeier where he studied for a year.

       Passionate, he continued his professional training at the Harmonic studio in Paris and opened up to other disciplines such as contemporary dance, jazz dance, and song.

       After various scenic experiences, he returned in 2007 to Alsace. There, he follows the teaching of Cynthia Jouffre and is immediately integrated into the Vega company.

Annabelle Kern – Dancer

Annabelle Kern - Dancer        Après un bac option danse contemporaine, formée au conservatoire national de Strasbourg s’est tout naturellement qu’Annabelle décide de s’orienter vers une formation professionnelle.

Elle intègre la classe danse étude de Michel Hallet Ehgayan à Lyon puis part étudier une année à la London Contemporary Dance School.

Danseuse pour de nombreuses compagnies (Cie Crescendo, Cie motus modules), elle travaille régulièrement depuis de nombreuses années avec son compagnon Philippe Vallotton.qui dirige sa propre compagnie « Art’maniac ».

Ayant soif d’expériences nouvelles, elle participe au spectacle d’ouverture des jeux olympiques de Turin en 2006.

       She joined the Vega company in 2007 for her first creation at the request of Cynthia Jouffre.

Cécile Kuentz – Dancer

Cécile Kuentz - Dancer        After a multidisciplinary training at the Cynthia Jouffre dance center (classical, contemporary and jazz), passionate about this expression and determined to follow a professional training, she studied for a year at EPSEDANSE Montpellier.

       It integrates, from its creation, the company, why not, directed by Cynthia Jouffre, and participates in other scenic experiences with companies such as Chat’pître.

       She will work under the direction of many energy choreographers and different universes such as Bruno Agati, Bruce Taylor, Ray Morvan, Larrio Ekson, James Carlés, Corinne Lanselle, and Peter Mika.

       Her taste and interest in teaching made her follow a course at the Cefedem in Nantes where she obtained her state diploma in 2006.

       Having participated in the creation of the company why not, she passionately pursues the adventure in joining the Vega company from its creation.

Maryline Muller – Dancer

Maryline Muller - Dancer        In parallel with university studies, passionate about dance that she practices from a very young age at the Cynthia Jouffre dance center, Maryline decides to undertake professional training in dance.

       She joined the company why not during its creation where she worked under the direction of Cynthia Jouffre. She will be of all creations and will confront various choreographic languages ​​under the direction of Larry Ekson, Bruce Taylor, Peter Mika, Bruno Agati, Corinne Lanselle, or James Carlés.

       It was only natural that she joined the Vega company when it was created in 2007.

Fanny Richard – Dancer

Fanny Richard - Dancer        From an early age, she discovered contemporary dance with Françoise Murcia (Vaucluse) and learned classical dance with Huguette Païo (Drôme). At the same time, she dances for the Hivernales d’Avignon, the theater “Le Calepin” as well as open stages.

       Passionate, she decides to follow a multidisciplinary training at the EPSEDANSE school in Montpellier. She will meet many choreographers and work with Alain Gruttadauria, Corinne Lanselle, Olga Cobos, Jamès Carlès, Serge Ricci, Anna Sanchez, and Stephane Fratti.

       It is also in Montpellier that she is undergoing training for the State Diploma. She obtained this one in 2006.

       That same year, she came to live in Alsace and discovered the Cynthia Jouffre dance center. In 2007, at the request of the choreographer, she joined the Vega company.

Patricia Werlé – Costume creation

       After training at the Quai, school of fine arts in Mulhouse, drawing teacher, professor of Product and Service Development, decorator-stylist, she creates many sets for different events, she creates objects decoration, jewelry, designs, and textiles.

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