A New Vine Learning Center Facility Coming Soon


As of 2019, The Vine Learning Center was ranked among the top 3 best preschools in San Diego They are known for their excellent services and professionalism to parents and other visitors at the center. The facilities at the center are also top-notch, and they have plenty of events for the kids. They have plenty of resources and programs that help to boost the overall growth of the children.

So, when you take your child to the Vine Learning Center, you will be sure of them getting the teaching and caring that they need.

Recently, it was announced that there would be a new The Vine Learning Center at 2062 Drescher Street, San Diego, California.

Does it mean that the original/main center is being shut down? Certainly not. Rather, it means that there will be room for accommodating more children under the same The Vine Learning Center umbrella.

But why should you be excited about this new center?

  • It is near the main center

Just because the Vine Learning Center is opening a new facility doesn’t mean that you have to worry about its location. If you have your child already schooling at the main center, you can feel free to take your other child to this new facility.

The new center at 2062 Drescher Street, San Diego, California, is only 0.3 miles away from the main center. This means that it is just about a 10-minute drive away. So yes, it is just within the same location.

  • It will be equally equipped

If you have been at the Vine Learning Center’s main center, you will experience just how equipped the center is. Whether it is the teaching staff, the facilities, and overall ambiance, the center is very much equipped for accommodating both infants and preschool-ready kids. This new facility will also be equipped accordingly.

  • It is located in a serene and secure environment 

Everybody wants their child to study in a well-developed center that is both safe and conducive enough. Just like the main center, this new 2062 Drescher Street center will be safe and conducive as well. You don’t have to worry about the health and safety of your child when you take them to this new center.

When will it be opened?

Even though it has already been announced that the new Vine child care facility in San Diego will be opening, you will have to wait until June 2020. However, it could be earlier than that. Either way, make sure you follow up with the school to get the exact opening day and month. Still, it will be announced in the appropriate channels through the preschool program.