The Company Pourquoi Pas

         After dancing and working with multiple dancers and choreographers, Cynthia Jouffre wanted to start her own company. 

       She created “Pourquoi pas”, a company made up of dancers from the training given in her school in order to allow them to live choreographic experiences in a professional setting, with the intention of revealing talents, dancers or choreographers, and to promote choreographic culture. 

       The choreographer’s approach interests her enormously even if she does not wish to water her company with her own choreographies. Above all, she wants to energize the group, make her dancers touch various forms of dance and energy by inviting choreographers from different worlds to create for the company. His primary concern is to train high-level performers, able, thanks to the combination of their technique and their creative sensitivity, to work with choreographers of all styles. 

       Many creations have been produced by the Company with guest choreographers such as Lario Ekson, Bruce Taylor, Bruno Agati, Corinne Lanselle, James Carlès, Ray Morvan, Philippe Vallotton, etc.

       The company Pourquoi Pas travels regularly in France and abroad, to participate in festivals.

Cultural exchange Alsace-Guadeloupe

Company Pourquoi pas - Shakti - Espace Rhénan de Kembs       The company Pourquoi Pas, for its 17th season, will leave this winter in
       Guadeloupe within the Center of Dance of Choreographic Studies
       of Pointe à Pitre directed by Léna Blou.

       Cultural and artistic exchange with a show at Pointe à Pitre,
       learning Techni’Ka from Léna Blou, an encounter with
       Guadeloupe culture.

       In return, Léna Blou and her dancers will be the guests of honor at
       Fidjhi 2012.